Family Fun 1000 Islands

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm, leaving many people wondering how they are going to have fun this summer. The good news is that some areas are starting to open up gradually and this includes the area along the St. Lawrence River called the 1000 Islands. Essentially straddling the border between the United States and Canada, there is plenty to do on both sides of the border in this beautiful area; however, the border is still closed. Therefore, those who live on the Canadian side of the border should have their sights set on a few attractions in the 1000 Islands area this summer! At Clark’s Marina, we are here to help everyone find ways to access family activities 1000 Islands in this picturesque location!

The Thousand Islands Bridge

One of the top attractions in the 1000 Islands area is actually the Thousand Islands International Bridge. This is a beautiful bridge that overlooks the St. Lawrence River and connects Ontario in Canada to New York in the United States. The bridge first went up in 1937 and had some additions made in 1959. There are two lanes of traffic in both directions along with pedestrian sidewalks that straddle both sides.

While border crossings using this bridge have dropped dramatically during the pandemic, the bridge itself remains open! With pedestrian sidewalks available on the bridge, this is a great opportunity for people to walk a portion of the bridge, take some pictures, and gaze at the beauty of the outdoors.

The 1000 Islands Tower

Sitting right along the Thousand Islands Bridge is the 1000 Islands Tower. Along with the bridge, this tower remains open as well! This is a tower that is located on Hill Island, which sits on top of the US – Canadian border. The good news for Canadians is that the tower itself is actually located in Ontario, not New York State.

Those who are willing to make their way to the top of the tower will get to enjoy beautiful, panoramic views of the Thousand Islands, getting to snap some beautiful photos and take in sights that sit on both sides of the border. This tower is 120 meters tall and sits above the beautiful St. Lawrence River. One of the highlights of this tower is the view of the bridge from the top!

The 1000 Islands National Park of Canada

Those who want to explore the 1000 Islands National Park of Canada are in luck! The park started a gradual reopening of its services starting on June 1. This means that there is plenty for individuals and families to do in this beautiful area! Some of the highlights of things to do at the 1000 Islands National Park of Canada include:

Explore by Boat: The 1000 Islands National Park of Canada has a dock where visitors can paddle the beautiful turquoise waters of the St. Lawrence River as they explore granite shorelines and historic estates. There are even powerboats that people can take to get a better view of the area. There is a unique, idyllic blend of both accessibility and wilderness through this beautiful park!

Picnics: With the 1000 Islands National Park of Canada, this means that many of the picnic areas are open as well! This means that visitors can enjoy a picnic at a nearby greenspace on the shore. Or, they can take their picnic with them on a boat and paddle out to one of the numerous small islands that dot the river for something a little different!

Club Parka: Adults with children will want to learn about Club Parka. This is a unique program where kids can learn, explore, and have fun throughout the 1000 Islands National Park of Canada! There is even an app called Photo Missions that kids can download to locate specific items that are found throughout the park. This can send kids off on a great adventure filled with fun and learning. Once the activities are finished, kids will even get a reward!

Camping: Another great way to enjoy the 1000 Islands National Park of Canada is to plan an overnight camping trip! One of the perks that people can explore is Parks Canada oTENTik. This is a relaxing way to camp for those who might not want to go completely rustic. This feature includes a sleeping area, a table, and even a cell phone charging station! While there isn’t any plumbing or running water in the tents, this is still a great outdoor experience for the whole family!

Mallorytown Landing: Finally, the 1000 Islands National Park of Canada also has a great place for people to relax on the banks of the St. Lawrence River. This is called Mallorytown Landing. This is a perfect place for family fun. There are new barbeque facilities, a gorgeous gazebo, interactive exhibits, and even live animals! This is a fantastic way for everyone to experience the beautiful river and learn more about their surroundings!

These are just a few of the numerous highlights that are available at the 1000 Islands National Park of Canada. The good news is that as the summer goes on, more of the exhibits are expected to open!

Half Moon Bay

On the Western side of the 1000 Islands area is Half Moon Bay. This is at the Southeast end of Bostwick Island. This is a beautiful, unique, natural rock bay formation that is a popular place of summer worship for everyone. Many people come to Half Moon Bay on Sundays to sing hymns and worship together. With gorgeous rock formations and a beautiful view of the river itself, Half Moon Bay is one of the top attractions on the Canadian side of the 1000 Islands region. There might even be some unique wildlife to check out as well!

Clark’s Marina Is Here to Help Everyone Experience the 1000 Islands Summer Activities

While the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has impacted everyone’s summer plans, the good news is that there are still plenty of 1000 Islands activities for some family fun this summer! At Clark’s Marina, we are a Gananoque Marina that provides everyone with exceptional access to the beauty of the 1000 Islands. We provide a spacious, well-protected harbor to everyone who comes to see us. We also provide full marine services including fuel, boat ramps, pump-out, and more. We even have mechanics who can make sure that your boat is ready to go. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you, please contact us today! We would love to be your gateway to the 1000 Islands!